ASPA (national)

The ASPA national leadership and at-large members of the Board of Directors shall direct, prioritize, coordinate and approve all Association goals, business objectives, and other activities. The Board of Directors shall govern the Association, determine its policies, extend recognition to or withdraw chapters from the Association, and decide all disputes over the election, eligibility, conduct, expulsion, or reinstatement of any officer or member over any matter which may affect the welfare of the Association.


national capitol region

The ASPA National Capitol Region chapter supports members in and around the Washington D.C. Area, to include the Army, Joint, and DoD staffs at the Pentagon.



Rocky Mountain Chapter

The Rocket City Chapter is located in Colorado Springs, CO, home of Fort Carson and the US Army Space & Missile Defense Colorado Springs headquarters on Peterson Space Force Base, and supports the bulk of the Army's Operational Space Units.



Rocket city chapter

The Rocket City Chapter is based in Huntsville, AL near the US Army Space & Missile Defense Command Headquarters at Redstone Arsenal.



THE CORPS chapter

The Corps Chapter is based in West Point, NY at the United States Military Academy and brings together Army Space Professionals from the staff, faculty, and students amongst the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY.



EUROPA chapter

The Europa Chapter is based in Germany and works to bring the various Army Space Professionals from Europe together.



The Chapter of the Carolinas covers North and South Carolina, with the goal of bringing the various Army Space Professionals together for social and professional development opportunities.



The IP Chapter encompasses one of the largest populations of Army Space Professionals by bringing together the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and East Asia under one chapter.