Army Space Professionals Association

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Our mission is to enhance the professionalism of Army Space by bringing together the Army Space community, both civil and military, to leverage support & foster professional development. 


Support Professional Development and Networking

We host national conferences, establish regional/local chapters, and encourage regular meetings of chapters to promote networking among members.

We bring other military, intelligence community, civil, academic and commercial space experts into contact with Army Space professionals.

We support development, implementation and administration of professional certification levels for space professionals.

Foster Positive Relationships

ASPA fosters a sense of community and identity for Army space – military personnel, civilians, contractors, students and retirees with an interest in the Army’s mission in space.  We provide a sense of identity, maintain and foster the distinct history and nature of the Army's Space mission, and provide support to ASPA chapters.

Promote Professionalism

We conduct a broad range of activities to promote the professionalism of the members of the Army’s Space Cadre and help establish professional standards and education which will enhance the ability of the members of the Army’s Space Cadre to achieve the Army’s requirements for and interests in exploiting the benefits of space and space systems.


Army Space Professionals, 37th Space Symposium, 5 Apr 2022


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